Neurocore Treatment For ADHD & Depression

ADHD and depression plague both adults and children. Its treatment has been limited until now. Neurocore has made tremendous progress in treating patients who suffer from depression and ADHD. The treatments are painless, and it doesn’t require medication. The patient is given at least 30 sessions of biofeedback coupled with neurofeedback. The brain activity of the patient is monitored with electrodes connected to the ears and head. The brain is given signals throughout therapy to correct its behavior. Read more at about Neurocore.

Neurocore treatments cost $2100.00 per 30 sessions. Although this seems like an expensive treatment, it’s not. Once the brain’s behavior is corrected no further treatment is needed. This saves them money and time. The treatments are pain-free and easy to do. However, the company accepts several types of insurance. The treatments are done in a quiet room. Each patient sits in their own cubicle. They place headphones on and watch a movie. According to the patient, the movie sounds and looks normal.

The Neurocore device is hard at work during therapy. The patient’s breathing and heart rate are monitored. Once the brain enters an abnormal state it gets a biofeedback signal to take a deep breath. The screen shrinks in size as a signal to the brain that something is wrong. Once the patient takes a deep breath a ripple effect of healing takes place. The brain receives an increase of oxygenated blood. This nourishes the brain and increases the number of neurons it receives. As a result, the hormone epinephrine is released into the brain. This causes the brain to relax and destress. The screen enlarges as a reward. When the brain is able to correct itself, the therapy is complete. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The patient will experience improved behavior from the treatment. Neurocore has a perfect better business bureau record. However, patients do complain about how busy the center is and how difficult it is to get an appointment. Some have complained about the ten20 conductive paste irritating their skin. Incidentally, the clinic offers an alternative conductive paste to the original one. The paste is a non-toxic topical cream.

Ms. Tiffany Pojeski reported to fox17 that her son Jackson had a lot of success with Neurocore. Jackson had frequent meltdowns when asked to complete a task. She gave him a melatonin pill every night, so he could sleep. However, he stopped taking melatonin after 40 Neurocore sessions. He is now able to complete a task.


The Very Capable Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Rocklage joined the company, 5AM ventures, in the year 2003 as a partner and worked his way up to take the Managing Partner position one year later. The venture group is called 5AM because the company was still in its early stages of business. It is a unique name for a starting company.


Dr. Rocklage has over 30 years experience in healthcare management responsibilities which enabled the FDA to approve three of his New Drug Applications. Also, he encouraged many drug candidates to join clinical trials.


Dr. Rocklage has also contributed to the growth of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar by serving as the Chairman and CEO. Furthermore, he once served as Board Chairman of Relypse and Novira. At the moment he serves as the Board Chairman of Rennovia, Kinestral, Cidara, and Epirus. Dr. Scott worked for Epirus Biopharmaceuticals for three months. It is vivid that Dr. Scott Rocklage has been a busy man.


He received his Bachelor’s Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California, and further advanced his studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is also at MIT that he conducted a research in the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock which awarded him a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


Dr. Rocklage is both an inventor and co-inventor on more than 30 patents. This proves that Scott is truly a genius and a trendsetter in the chemical industry. This man has all the necessary skills required to invent or improve any chemical experiments. Dr. Scott has proven this by his thorough formal education background and training combined with all the years he has been in the healthcare fraternity.


Scott also shares ideas with other professionals. For instance, he works with scientists and business people to assist them in enriching their ideas into possible medical solutions. The learned doctor is very well organized as he manages his time wisely and prioritizes his work.


One of the things that always makes Dr. Rocklage proud is seeing his research bear fruits and saving peoples lives. An example is his research which targeted specific mutations, and the outcome was amazing since it managed to treat cancer in unparalleled ways.


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Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital Management: Providing Investment Research Results

Sahm Adrangi is Kerrisdale Capital Management’s founder as well as chief investment officer. He founded the company with less than $1 million in 2009, has been intimately involved in just about every aspect development and they had over $150 million in assets under management by July 2017. Adrangi graduated from Yale University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He then spent 18 months with Deutsche Bank’s leveraged finance group as an analyst, 16 months with boutique investment bank Chanin Capital Partners as an analyst and 2 years as an analyst with Longacre Fund Management LLC.

Most people know Sahm Adrangi for publishing the results of his firm’s research, short selling and sharing information on stocks the market misunderstands, including over-hyped shorts as well as under-followed longs. Kerrisdale Capital Management’s research helps correct many broadly held misconceptions people have about the fundamental business prospects of those companies. The company puts out information their research reveals through their website, Twitter and a number of investing related third-party sites.

In 2010 and 2011 Sahm Adrangi came into the consciousness of the public when he began short-selling Chinese companies and pointing out their fraudulent activities. Soon several of the Chinese companies to which Adrangi had drawn attention became the subject of Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement actions. ChinaCast Education Corporation and China Education Alliance were two of those companies. After that Sahm Adrangi became someone to whom investors began to pay attention. When he spoke people began to pay attention.

These days, Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital Management focuses their efforts on specific industries in which they have developed expertise. They included the biotechnology sector, the mining sector and the telecommunications sector. They also published numerous research reports on market valuations, exposed weaknesses and made people aware of a number of development stage companies.

Adrangi began doing live presentations including webcasts and speaking at a number of conferences. He’s also been interviewed on CNBC as well as Bloomberg. Plus, Sahm Adrangi has been featured in several major publications including BusinessWeek, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Sentient AI – Ecommerce Personalization

Sentient AI makes use of a distributed system of artificial intelligence to engage in ecommerce personalization. It knows what your customers are looking for. It parses your complete catalog of products and offers a succinct experience based totally off the client’s preference. The whole thing the purchaser searches for goes into a database for future use and optimization. As each patron interacts with the AI embedded for your website it gets smarter. Each action of interplay will force additional optimization. Sentient AI leverages a clever system of deep learning so that it will attain persisted education like human intelligence.

The genetic algorithm forces the AI to grow and integrate various products in which your customers may be interested. Because the machine learns, you may watch it’s charting in real-time through loads of visible information dimensions. The key digital points are in your palms via the intuitive interface. Just as easy as your consumers can locate what they need, you could tweak the system to test various inputs from your team and gauge your clients’ reactions. The historic statistics will play a first-rate role in the testing system as Sentient AI takes benefit of state-of-the-art genome algorithms to evolve your internet site. The pages that acquire the most tremendous reactions and consequences will in the end continue to exist beyond the trial phase and integrate its interface into the new design of ecommerce personalization. Sentient AI additionally checks the fluidity of your internet site through blending numerous inputs, merchandise, and pages with one another. The first-class mixture shall be revealed to you via your dashboard with records reports.

Sentient AI is in a very disruptive era on the grounds that its arrival has helped positive ecommerce agencies dominate the enterprise. The agencies that have become early adopters are actually witnessing profit margins more than one hundred percentage points per year with conversion ratios sitting nicely above thirty percent. Some of the larger players in ecommerce that have adopted it are Amazon and Kaspersky. Amazon uses Sentient AI to capture data about clients and build a purchasing profile that corresponds to the patron. Each time the client logs into their account they’re offered records of gadgets they looked at and listings of merchandise related to those objects. Kaspersky uses the generation to assist customers with detecting fraud and reporting odd or suspicious interactions. If a customer raises alarms that correspond with fraudulent conduct then false charges to ecommerce stores are avoided and real customers are shielded from theft. Sentient AI is changing the marketplace.


NewsWatch Praise for Its Collaborative Spirit

Many clients are leaving glowing testimonials about the NewsWatch television show and what it has meant for their success. For example, Tori Pugliese left positive words in her testimonial about how NewsWatch handled itself during its collabs with SteelSeries. There were three concepts that she wanted watchers to walk away with when they were done reading about the experience. Those three concepts were:

NewsWatch Is a Friendly Environment

The main compliment that Mrs. Pugliese had was that all the staff members were friendly and presented a jovial environment. No matter what tasks a business is working on, they always appreciate when they have a friendly collaboration. It allows them to leave the situation with a smile on their faces.

NewsWatch Has a Collaborative Spirit

Another element that Pugliese brought to light was NewsWatch’s collaborative spirit. All members of the NewsWatch team seem to enjoy working together and working with the client to produce an amazing result. Collaboration is one of the most important elements when parties want to achieve a positive result.

NewsWatch Creates Return Visits

When a provider treats a client with respect, that respect breeds return visits. Anyone who works with NewsWatch will likely seek to work with them on future projects. It’s only natural for something like that to occur.

About NewsWatch

NewsWatch is a popular television show. The very first episode came on in 1990, and the company has done more than 1,200 episodes since then. NewsWatch is a multipurpose TV showing meaning that it focuses on more than one thing in its episodes. Celebrity news, new technology, innovation and editorials are what it displays most. The show often helps clients to push their products and services in a way that will cause them to acquire new business.

Academy of Art University

Located in San Francisco, California is the largest privately owned art school in the country called the Academy of Art University. The school has about 13,000 students as well as a full time staff body of 283 teachers. The school was originally called the Academy of Advertising Art when it was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens. The school participates in a biannual fashion runway event. Their most recent event took place in September of 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Square. The event was a great success and it featured a handful of outfits. The outfits were designed by a group of individuals who each took their own view on things. Each designer discussed what materials they used as well as the motivation they used to create their outfits. The first designer goes by the name of Hailun Zhou. Hailun is a designer that was born in Qing Dao, China. Her inspiration was derived from photographs that she had taken during one her her creative classes. To represent the events that she captured, she use vinyl and PVC materials to create her outfit. Eden Slezin was another designer who featured an outfit in the runway. Eden was inspired by his appreciation of life and love that he witnessed while growing up in the Bay area. He created his outfit using a handful of various materials including bike tubes and organic denim. Dina Marie Lam was another designer who showed an outfit in the runway. Dina was inspired by the loss of her aunt. The passing generated a lot of emotions which she used to fuel her design. She wanted to create something that represented transition. In result, she decided to use warm material that were soft and luxurious. Another designer to show off an outfit in the runway was Saya Shen from Beijing, China. Saya was inspired by landscapes that she photographed. She photographed wavy landscapes including ocean waves and trees and in result, decided to use oversized silhouettes to design her outfit. Each of these designers had different means of creating their outfit. Each of them created an amazing piece.

Technology Services At Securus Comes From Their Customers

Inmate calling should never mean the cost of pricey advertised services fees being passed down to the customer. Surprisingly, the Securus Technologies network answers to a stabilized industry with low rates compared $2 to $1 with their competitors. Rick A. Smith says, he continues to train his IT professionals in the highest level of customer support. Their interactive forum allows customers to leave their comments about user technology. Get secure surveillance and monitoring to ensure you’re communicating over a secure network. The goal is to keep family and friends connected. They believe their customers should never have to worry about telecommunication fees.


Preferred Inmate Technology Q & A


  1. How long are Securus Technology remote visits?
  2. Customers receive (30) minutes per visit with a maximum of (2) visits per day


  1. Can I use the remote visits feature with my smartphone?
  2. Yes, Securus has multiple device compatibility with their app


  1. I’m 17, can I talk to my dad in jail?
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older to use Securus (or with parental consent)


  1. How do I contact Securus customer? service
  2. Securely on their website or through the Securus 800


Become a part of the Securus Technologies family and stay connected while spending far less.


U.S. Money Reserve Matches Donations For Hurricane Fund

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has left thousands of Texans forced out of their homes and into emergency shelters. During the peak of the Category 4 hurricane, it left approximately one-third of the city of Houston underwater. U.S. Money Reserve partnered up with Austin Disaster Relief Network and raised a generous amount of $219,622 in donations for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The U.S. Money Reserve has Texas offices located in Houston, Austin and Beaumont and they lost no time in finding a way to find relief for the victims. They matched donations that were made to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund initiated by the Austin Disaster Relief Network.


Angela Koch is the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve and she expressed how she felt an urgency to help out her fellow Texans. “Harvey hit close to home and our hearts go out to all our employees, customers, family and strangers,” Angela stated. The money raised will all go directly towards helping the victims of that disaster. Daniel Geraci, the Executive Director of Austin Disaster Relief Network was elated at the thought of many lives being positively impacted after the donation. Learn more:


For over a decade, U.S. Money Reserve leads as one of the nation’s largest precious metal distributor and legal tender of government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins. They also offer high-grade and certified bullion and bars to those that want to buy online. The company’s President is the former 35th U.S. Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl, making this only the gold company in the world led by a former U.S. Mint Director. As a seasoned distributor, U.S. Money Reserve’s clients have placed their trust with the company and expect only the best precious metals. There has been over 400,000 clients reportedly satisfied with their expert services and the company’s rapport continues to grow.


U.S. Money Reserve has a professionally trained team that specialize in both researching coins and keen market knowledge for finding the most profitable products out there for precious metal buyers. The coins are backed by the U.S. government and checked for weight, purity and content beforehand. The company has shipped out over a million coins since their beginnings and is committed to maintain long-term relationships with their clients. U.S. Money Reserve is proud of their coveted “AAA” rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, it is the highest rating and showcases that they’re an experienced and trustworthy business that has ethical business practices.

Sussex Healthcare: Leading Care Center In The United Kingdom

Sussex Healthcare is a rehabilitation facility and a nursing home found in the city of Sussex. The establishment is operating for more than 25 years now, and they are regarded as one of the best rehabilitation center and nursing home in the country. Sussex Healthcare is located far from the city, and the owner of the facility decided to build it in an area near the forest, the water bodies, and the mountains. The owner believes that a good, scenic background would also help the patients in recovering faster.

Sussex Healthcare is accepting elderly people to stay inside their nursing homes, as well as people who are suffering from brain injuries, dementia and other disabilities. Their highly trained nurses and other professionals are ready to provide a world class service to hasten the recovery of their patients. They wanted to demonstrate how real care is given, and they are more than happy to serve and assist people who wanted to recover fast.


Sussex Healthcare is known to the elder population of the United Kingdom for several years now. Lots of retirees are deciding to live inside Sussex Healthcare because of the positive reviews that the facility has, and they are also reputable as one of the best in the United Kingdom. Older people who decide to live inside the facility are given a wide and spacious living space, and they are also invited to do several activities that would keep them occupied. They are also provided with services which are available 24/7, like a cleaning service for their rooms and medical services provided by the nurses. The elderly people who are living inside the facility is also treated with several therapies that would rejuvenate their bodies, and they are given sumptuous meals prepared by top chef that is made from high quality ingredients. According to the elderly people who have signed up to live inside Sussex Healthcare are satisfied with the services and the care that they are receiving, and most of them are staying inside the facility until the last days of their lives.

Sussex Healthcare is also attending to the needs of those who are suffering from brain injuries. They employ linguists that would aid the patient into speaking again, and other professionals are doing their best for the speedy recovery of the patient. People with dementia and other physical and mental disabilities are also getting the same treatment, and they are all satisfied with the services provided to them.

Jerermy Goldstein helping companies grow

Businesses have a lack of trust in the economy, because of its constant change. As a result some companies are axing offering stock options to their employees in part to save money. Employers see three problems with offering stock options. Stock options are tied to the value which can drop at any time, which may not allow employers use their options. Companies are forced to report all expenses that are part of the stock options, which could end up costing the stockholders who could end up with stock option overhang.


Many employees do not favor stock options because their value can change at any given time. The value can be strongly impacted by economic changes. Employees see stock options as a very risky gamble. Stock options are also creating accounting burdens. The costs tied to options often nullify any financial advantages that they offer. There are actually positives for having stock options.


While risky, options are appealing to employees because they are easily understood by everyone. They also are more preferred over bonuses, equities or even extended insurance coverage. With options tied to the company’s value, this encourages employees to work harder and keep the company growing by finding new clients and delivering strong to current clients.


Corporate lawyer Jeremy Goldstein continues to tell companies to consider offering knockout options. He points out that there are many benefits for this type of option. Unlike regular stock options, if the share value falls under a certain amount, the employees will immediately lose them. This way encourages employers to prevent their stock value from falling.


Jeremy Goldstein is partner and founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates in New York City. He specializes in corporate governance and executive compensation issues. Jeremy Goldstein has accumulated more than 15 years experience in corporate legal matters. Jeremy Goldstein has also overseen many corporate transactions.


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