Fabletics is leading the way for E-commerce

Consumer purchases are determined by the power of the crowd. The financial boosts the crowd provides, there are far more review choices than ever. Authentic reviews boost business’ lines. More Review Options Than Trust. A recent BrightLocal study found that 84 percent of people prefer to get their information from a source they are familiar with. And, digital lives are led by today’s customers interacting with brands they trust. With customers seeking out brands and testimonials, tapping into the collective mind of the crowd should be a priority for every business wanting to achieve success in a competitive market. Fabletics powered their recent growth numbers by leveraging the power of the crowd and captivating their main audience. They engage their customers’ unique styles and respond to changes and differences in local markets.

Unlike competitors that are dying from the practice of showrooming – where potential buyers now search for their clothes offline for fitting, and search online for buying at lower prices in markets like Amazon – Fabletics has reversed the standard because of the exceptional way they started out.

Stores are stocked based on inputs including membership preferences for store heat-mapping information, media sentiment, transitions in neighborhood trends, membership stories, and sales action. The company strives for a feeling of serendipity for the buyer when she is purchasing. This goal is important and the brand builds its reputation for diversity by blending international fashion trends with the data they collect. All this serves to elevate customer satisfaction at the end of each shopping day and the completion of every quarter. After each evaluation, Fabletics makes subtle changes to keep things fresh and hip with their audience.

The customer of today trusts the testimonials that they read as much as a personal recommendation and looks to testimonials that are crowd-sourced to ascertain their purchase. Manufacturers are capitalizing on this shift in consumer behavior.

Products that had greater amounts of testimonials on several e-tail sites (Amazon, Target, Walmart, et al) consistently rank higher in searches to their site than people with less reviews. Big box retailers have even begun to allow manufacturers to solicit reviews from different websites in an effort to help clients. It’s impossible to build a fashion brand in 2017 without the help of the crowd. Small shops and startups are jumping into shark infested waters with large companies like Amazon. There is a movement of fast scaling companies such as Fabletics, Warby Bonobos and Parker that have come to realize this fact. Like Fabletics, they’re defining themselves with exclusive product, enterprise technology, data science, and scaling according to their audience’s needs. These companies succeed by maintaining a business model focused on ROI and customer-centric data collection; they establish their brand stories through innovative technology and smart usage of social media. Fabletics is a great example. When signing up for a membership, they invite you into a portal to take a small survey and gauge your personal style profile. Every month, customers receive personalized outfits. This technology has had massive benefits and because of it, Fabletics continues to grow into a major competitor within the fashion industry.