Technology Services At Securus Comes From Their Customers

Inmate calling should never mean the cost of pricey advertised services fees being passed down to the customer. Surprisingly, the Securus Technologies network answers to a stabilized industry with low rates compared $2 to $1 with their competitors. Rick A. Smith says, he continues to train his IT professionals in the highest level of customer support. Their interactive forum allows customers to leave their comments about user technology. Get secure surveillance and monitoring to ensure you’re communicating over a secure network. The goal is to keep family and friends connected. They believe their customers should never have to worry about telecommunication fees.


Preferred Inmate Technology Q & A


  1. How long are Securus Technology remote visits?
  2. Customers receive (30) minutes per visit with a maximum of (2) visits per day


  1. Can I use the remote visits feature with my smartphone?
  2. Yes, Securus has multiple device compatibility with their app


  1. I’m 17, can I talk to my dad in jail?
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older to use Securus (or with parental consent)


  1. How do I contact Securus customer? service
  2. Securely on their website or through the Securus 800


Become a part of the Securus Technologies family and stay connected while spending far less.


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