Neurocore Treatment For ADHD & Depression

ADHD and depression plague both adults and children. Its treatment has been limited until now. Neurocore has made tremendous progress in treating patients who suffer from depression and ADHD. The treatments are painless, and it doesn’t require medication. The patient is given at least 30 sessions of biofeedback coupled with neurofeedback. The brain activity of the patient is monitored with electrodes connected to the ears and head. The brain is given signals throughout therapy to correct its behavior. Read more at about Neurocore.

Neurocore treatments cost $2100.00 per 30 sessions. Although this seems like an expensive treatment, it’s not. Once the brain’s behavior is corrected no further treatment is needed. This saves them money and time. The treatments are pain-free and easy to do. However, the company accepts several types of insurance. The treatments are done in a quiet room. Each patient sits in their own cubicle. They place headphones on and watch a movie. According to the patient, the movie sounds and looks normal.

The Neurocore device is hard at work during therapy. The patient’s breathing and heart rate are monitored. Once the brain enters an abnormal state it gets a biofeedback signal to take a deep breath. The screen shrinks in size as a signal to the brain that something is wrong. Once the patient takes a deep breath a ripple effect of healing takes place. The brain receives an increase of oxygenated blood. This nourishes the brain and increases the number of neurons it receives. As a result, the hormone epinephrine is released into the brain. This causes the brain to relax and destress. The screen enlarges as a reward. When the brain is able to correct itself, the therapy is complete. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The patient will experience improved behavior from the treatment. Neurocore has a perfect better business bureau record. However, patients do complain about how busy the center is and how difficult it is to get an appointment. Some have complained about the ten20 conductive paste irritating their skin. Incidentally, the clinic offers an alternative conductive paste to the original one. The paste is a non-toxic topical cream.

Ms. Tiffany Pojeski reported to fox17 that her son Jackson had a lot of success with Neurocore. Jackson had frequent meltdowns when asked to complete a task. She gave him a melatonin pill every night, so he could sleep. However, he stopped taking melatonin after 40 Neurocore sessions. He is now able to complete a task.


The Very Capable Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Rocklage joined the company, 5AM ventures, in the year 2003 as a partner and worked his way up to take the Managing Partner position one year later. The venture group is called 5AM because the company was still in its early stages of business. It is a unique name for a starting company.


Dr. Rocklage has over 30 years experience in healthcare management responsibilities which enabled the FDA to approve three of his New Drug Applications. Also, he encouraged many drug candidates to join clinical trials.


Dr. Rocklage has also contributed to the growth of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar by serving as the Chairman and CEO. Furthermore, he once served as Board Chairman of Relypse and Novira. At the moment he serves as the Board Chairman of Rennovia, Kinestral, Cidara, and Epirus. Dr. Scott worked for Epirus Biopharmaceuticals for three months. It is vivid that Dr. Scott Rocklage has been a busy man.


He received his Bachelor’s Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California, and further advanced his studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is also at MIT that he conducted a research in the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock which awarded him a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


Dr. Rocklage is both an inventor and co-inventor on more than 30 patents. This proves that Scott is truly a genius and a trendsetter in the chemical industry. This man has all the necessary skills required to invent or improve any chemical experiments. Dr. Scott has proven this by his thorough formal education background and training combined with all the years he has been in the healthcare fraternity.


Scott also shares ideas with other professionals. For instance, he works with scientists and business people to assist them in enriching their ideas into possible medical solutions. The learned doctor is very well organized as he manages his time wisely and prioritizes his work.


One of the things that always makes Dr. Rocklage proud is seeing his research bear fruits and saving peoples lives. An example is his research which targeted specific mutations, and the outcome was amazing since it managed to treat cancer in unparalleled ways.


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