I was hacked, how could this happen?

It was a typical Saturday afternoon, I was sitting at my computer surfing the internet as I like to do when I have some down time and it happened. First I noticed a new program on my computer that I did not put there, and then a site that I regularly visit denied me access. That’s when I realized I was hacked. It happens more than people realize and is becoming an ever increasing problem. Recent attacks on companies, governments and individuals have cost millions in lost revenue.

We know that cybersecurity is important, so why do we wait until it’s too late to take action?

Who am I? Why would anyone want to hack me? Those are questions we often ask ourselves; at least that’s what I did when I was hacked. After I was hacked I decided to take action. I wanted to ensure that this would never happen again, or at least make it a lot harder for someone to gain access to my computer.


I turned to the cyber security experts at Rubica. Rubica gives me the peace of mind to know that my family and I are safeguarded against potential threats. Utilizing their cyber experts and providing powerful digital security I now feel confident that my online safety and privacy are being taken care of.


I was hacked, but I will never be caught off guard again thanks to Rubica.