Adventures in KYOTO with Kim Dao

River Dining in KYOTO

Kim Dao starts the video on the train. Her trip should take about two hours. She is about to try river dining for the first time. She heard about it from her friend and wanted to give it a try. She arrives at the restaurant. The location is centered around huge trees and a flowing river. Kim Dao thinks it is very beautiful. She sits down to enjoy her drink and food. There are noodles placed on the bamboo with flowing water. The customers then picks up the noodles with their chopsticks and eats them. Kim Dao tries it.Learn more :


Kim Dao Visits the Bamboo Forest

She then visits the bamboo forest. The scenery is full of mountains and water. The sun is also shining, it is a beautiful day. Although, Kim Dao wishes she would have brought sun screen with her. The bamboo forest consists of tall bamboo trees.Learn more :


Dinner and Nightlife

Kim Dao heads back to the station to do some shopping( She stops to enjoy dinner first. She also orders dessert. She watches the water fireworks show, which has water shooting up in the air and changing to different colors.


Kim Dao returns home extremely tired. She explained that she didn’t talk much in the video because she was spending time with her friends and recording with her other camera as well. She wanted some footage for her other channel. She is about to take a shower and head to bed.Learn more :