I was hacked, how could this happen?

It was a typical Saturday afternoon, I was sitting at my computer surfing the internet as I like to do when I have some down time and it happened. First I noticed a new program on my computer that I did not put there, and then a site that I regularly visit denied me access. That’s when I realized I was hacked. It happens more than people realize and is becoming an ever increasing problem. Recent attacks on companies, governments and individuals have cost millions in lost revenue.

We know that cybersecurity is important, so why do we wait until it’s too late to take action?

Who am I? Why would anyone want to hack me? Those are questions we often ask ourselves; at least that’s what I did when I was hacked. After I was hacked I decided to take action. I wanted to ensure that this would never happen again, or at least make it a lot harder for someone to gain access to my computer.


I turned to the cyber security experts at Rubica. Rubica gives me the peace of mind to know that my family and I are safeguarded against potential threats. Utilizing their cyber experts and providing powerful digital security I now feel confident that my online safety and privacy are being taken care of.


I was hacked, but I will never be caught off guard again thanks to Rubica.


Sweetgreen: A New Kind of Fast-Food

Everyone is raving about Sweetgreen, a healthy alternative to the typical fast food joint. The farm-to-table establishment opened its first location in Washington, D.C in 2007, and now has 64 stores up and running across the United States. The restaurant chain has garnered its popularity by providing healthy, filling eats at prices the average joe can easily afford. It is not uncommon to see a line outside the door for these amazing salads, and there’s a reason why. Learn more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sweetgreen-founder-interview-nathaniel-ru-2016-3

Sweetgreen is much more than your dime a dozen fast-food chains, due to its different way of doing things. Nathaniel Ru, co-founder of Sweetgreen, states that one of his strategies for running a successful restaurant chain centers around location. You won’t find this salad spot sandwiched between a McDonalds and a Taco Bell, but rather in hip and urban neighborhoods. Sweetgreen is aiming for a whole different feeling than other fast food chains; it wants to create an environment that feels personal, honest, and real. Sweetgreen’s app also hopes to mimic this atmosphere by accompanying all their food options with high definition pictures of the real product. Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweetgreen

Another key point in the business plan of Sweetgreen that Ru address is the importance of a good source. When it comes to opening a new store, finding farmers is always Sweetgreen’s first step. Sweetgreen will work with the farmers in the area surrounding their new location to create a menu based on what the farmer is already growing, instead of asking the farmer to work around them. The result is a wider variety of foods and tastes. Learn more: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/ekeg45fe/nicolas-jammet-nathaniel-ru-jonathan-neman-co-founders-sweetgreen-262627/

Another element factoring into Sweetgreen’s success is its co-founder, Nathaniel Ru. Ru began forming the foundation of Sweetgreen shortly after graduating from Georgetown University’s business school with his two friends and co-founders, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. Ru wanted to start up a restaurant that was not only healthy, but also easy and convenient, something he saw a need for in the industry. Ru and his partners worked hard to make this idea a reality, and have never wavered in their ideals. Ru has always put serving the community first when it comes to leading Sweetgreen, and this ambition is clear in the way the restaurant operates. Ru treats the people he works with as a network of friends and family, and this energy is embraced by its patrons.

Sweetgreen has big things in its future.



Securus Technologies was founded in 1986, and its headquarters is in Dallas Texas. It has regional offices in Carrolton, Allen, and Atlanta. The company has served more than 1.2 million inmates in 48 states and approximately 3,400 correctional facilities. Secures technologies have a 24hr working both at the call center and technical support team. It boasts of having the largest team in the industry of up to 1300 associates national wide. Secures technologies boast of having over officers who are based near the facilities they serve.


Securus is one of the best high-tech software solutions that provides the leading edge in criminal justice solutions that improve public safety. It also provides a connection between:


  • Family and friends of those incarcerated.
  • Correctional facility personnel with critical information.
  • It connects inmates to technology.
  • Connecting dots for investigating leads.


By July 2016, the company had invested a total of $600 on technology and acquisitions. The company has made several acquisitions over the past five years. First, they acquired the Primonics at an unknown value that was in 2012. Later that year they purchased the DirectHit system. In 2013, they bought the Archonix system and Satellite tracking of people. In 2014 and 2015 they acquired, Telerus, JLG technology, Cellblox, Jpay and Guarded Exchange. This technology ensures smooth operation in the correctional facility.

Using the latest technology, Securus Technologies managed to introduce systems to control contraband cell phones in the cells. By 2016, Securus Managed Access solution, and it was approved by several departments of correctional facilities. In July 2016 Securus partnered with Harris Corporation on cell defender technology. Recently the company’s CEO said that “ they have created a broad product set in the corrections industry.”


The Securus Technologies have invested more on:


  • Video visitation.
  • Video analytics
  • Integrated voice response system.
  • Jail management system.
  • Outsourced investigation services
  • Mobile device cracking.
  • GPS tracking of Parolees.


Securus Technology also invested in a core packet-switched centralized platform called SCP( secure calling platform). Due to this technology provided by Securus, they have been receiving several letters from the customers:


  • The tools allow the officers to conduct investigations on complaints of harassment or a threat to the facilities security.”
  • They are impressed with Securus vision, as their technology will enable proper investigation and jail security posture.
  • They are happy to see that Securus are improving on technology and revolutionizing the incarceration environment and helping them to improve public safety in their jurisdiction.
  • The customers are impressed by the use of LBS services, and it is enough to make them trust Securus technologies, and if they combine with investigator Pro, it cements itself as the leading jail phone provider in the business.


To conclude as you have seen the Securus Technology have a reason to boast as the best in this field, with the range of services they are providing we can conclusively label it as the future of our security.



How David McDonald A Powerhouse Global Food Supplier

David McDonald serves as the COO and President at OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group is a leading global supplier and food processing company for retail brands brands worldwide. The company has more than 65 facilities with over 20,000 employees aim at providing customers with customized and high quality food products.

David McDonald’s Career Background

David McDonald holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. David also serves as the North American Meat Institute’s Chairman. In addition to this, David McDonald OSI Group has held the independent director title at Marfrig Global Foods S.A since 2008. The independent director position was acquired after OSI Group operations in Europe and Brazil were acquired by Marfrig Global Foods.

David McDonald Improves Sustainability of OSI Group

In 2016, OSI Group publicly released its Global Sustainability Report for the period of 2016/2017. The Global Sustainability Report outlined the performance of the company’s operations across the world. The report outlined the future goals that the company aims at achieving by 2020 such as a 10% reduction in the energy and water level intensity.

In addition, the report also displayed OSI’s progress in a detailed format in terms of its supply chain and social responsibility involvement. OSI Group sponsors various animal welfare initiatives, workshop and training sessions to create awareness and improve in the major issues that face global suppliers.

OSI Group

OSI Group is a well-known food-processing company with an estimated annual revenue of 6 billion dollars. In 1992,OSI Group’s first food processing operations began in Beijing. In 2008, OSI China supplied 113 tons of products such as beef, chicken, pork, dehydrated onions and eggs during the Beijing Olympic games. In fact, the supply was so successful and the company did not receive complaints. Since then,OSI China has been the leading supplier of Burger King, Saizeriya, Yum, Subway, Starbucks and McDonald’s.

Acquisition of Baho Food

Baho Food manufactures deli meats and foods to serve the Dutch food retail segments. OSI Group acquired Baho Food in order to broaden its presence in the Europe Market. According to David McDonald, the brand portfolio of Baho will complement OSI’s processing strengths which will broaden its capability to cater for the needs of the customers.

For more information about David McDonald, just click here.

Adventures in KYOTO with Kim Dao

River Dining in KYOTO

Kim Dao starts the video on the train. Her trip should take about two hours. She is about to try river dining for the first time. She heard about it from her friend and wanted to give it a try. She arrives at the restaurant. The location is centered around huge trees and a flowing river. Kim Dao thinks it is very beautiful. She sits down to enjoy her drink and food. There are noodles placed on the bamboo with flowing water. The customers then picks up the noodles with their chopsticks and eats them. Kim Dao tries it.Learn more : https://ideamensch.com/kim-dao/


Kim Dao Visits the Bamboo Forest

She then visits the bamboo forest. The scenery is full of mountains and water. The sun is also shining, it is a beautiful day. Although, Kim Dao wishes she would have brought sun screen with her. The bamboo forest consists of tall bamboo trees.Learn more : https://www.facebook.com/KimDaoOfficial/


Dinner and Nightlife

Kim Dao heads back to the station to do some shopping(http://www.kimdaoblog.com/). She stops to enjoy dinner first. She also orders dessert. She watches the water fireworks show, which has water shooting up in the air and changing to different colors.


Kim Dao returns home extremely tired. She explained that she didn’t talk much in the video because she was spending time with her friends and recording with her other camera as well. She wanted some footage for her other channel. She is about to take a shower and head to bed.Learn more : http://myinterviews.com.au/kim-dao/


A Rising Star in Racquetball: Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt first started playing racquetball while attending Lincoln High School. He managed to go deep into the state playoffs and won several matches, playing on the boy’s singles team. Sawyer Howitt and his racquetball team played in the 2015 Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships. He continued playing and eventually joined Racquetball Club of Portland, where he continues to play today. He has had time to hone and sharpen his skills and is ready to take them to the next level.

Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) has had many people comment that he could be the next Olympic star on the racquetball court. Racquetball has originally been limited to fitness and health clubs but is expanding into mainstream media and gaining attention. It is already a popular sport worldwide and slowly gaining attention in the United States.

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Sawyer Howitt has a bright future in the sport of racquetball and will undoubtedly become a household name for years to come, and leave a legacy for other players. Multiple sources are already praising his techniques and drive to always do better in everything he does. Sawyer Howitt will definitely be one to watch for years to come, and it will be exciting to see where he ends up.

View Sawyer Howitt’s profile on nationalgeographic.com for more information.

Tammy Mazzocco and Real Estate in Ohio

According to The Lure Lounge, Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate professional in Central Ohio who specializes in finding homes for families. She got her start in the real estate business by working as a secretary for a commercial real estate group and continued for the next ten years or so in the administrative arm of the business with other firms.

In 1999, she decided that sales was the place to be as she had witnessed firsthand the economic opportunities with real estate sales and marketing. She joined with her good friend and mentor, Judy Gang of the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio. Pickerington is located just southeast of Columbus and Tammy works the town of Pickerington and the four county areas that surround the small town.

Pickerington itself has a population of around 20,000 souls, but the four counties of Franklin, Delaware, Fairfield and Licking have approximately two million people. Many people are looking for a more relaxed life in a country setting and that is where Tammy comes in.

In an article on Bitsylink, Tammy is passionate about her work because she enjoys helping families find the home of their dreams. There is a special feeling when they suddenly realize that she has helped them to create and entirely new lifestyle. One of the high points of Tammy’s career is that she is adamant about setting goals and then breaking them down into smaller action steps. This helps her to keep moving towards the important aspects of selling real estate.

Tammy likes to get started early in her workday by getting to her office as early as possible and getting all of the office clutter and paperwork out of the way. Then she is on the phone with prospective home buyers, to show them houses. Showing families homes to buy is the most important activity that can possibly be done so she takes great care in setting up the bulk of her schedule in this manner. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

See more: http://www.spokeo.com/Tammy-Mazzocco

Mike Baur: A Mover and Shaker in the World of Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur, a Swiss based entrepreneur and businessman, is one of the co-founders, as well as managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. The company, based in Zurich, Switzerland is a start-up accelerator with a focus on thriving digital engineers. Swiss Startup provides a three month accelerator start-up program for entrepreneurs and provide several services including office space, mentoring, coaching, as well as a unique platform of supporting services.


Mr. Baur’s educational background includes earning a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester, New York and an Executive Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Berne.


Mr. Baur brings more than 20 years of banking experience to the Swiss Startup Factory and one of his responsibilities for the company is fundraising, as well as establishing financing rounds. Before starting the Swiss Startup Factory and after leaving the banking industry, Mr. Baur began investing in start-up companies. He decided he could provide a better platform of services to entrepreneurs just starting out. That led to the co-founding of the Swiss Startup with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Mr. Baur began pitching the Swiss Startup Factory at the START Summiteer and in early 2016, Baur was appointed as the Managing Deputy Director of CTI Invest when Swiss Startup and CTI formed a partnership. Mr. Baur also led the Factory through a business accelerating program with the Goldback Group in 2016. The Swiss Startup also partnered with Fintech Fusion in February 2016.


Mike Baur’s passion for entrepreneurship runs deep. He spends a great deal of time with young entrepreneurs and supports several Swiss based start-ups as a mentor, as well as financially. His interest is to see entrepreneurs succeed and create businesses that contribute to the needs, wants and desires of society as well as the economy. Most economies are driven mainly by the small to medium size businesses and Mr. Baur is very interested in seeing new companies make that contribution, as well.


The Swiss Startup Factory, under the guidance and leadership of Mike Baur provides talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland an executive platform that guides them through a business driven program that encourages ambitious milestones and an aggressive, but respectful manner of business. Entrepreneurs learn how to execute every aspect of operating a business including financing, seeking investors, in addition to developing their product. After the entrepreneurs complete the three month accelerator program, they are confident in the skills they have acquired and fine tunes and are ready to step forward and take on the business world.


The Lung Institute Offers A New Way To Fight Disease

The Menace Of Chronic Lung Disease

Lung disease can be one of the most devastating things to happen to someone. It can prevent you from being able to live an active life and it can even lead to potentially lethal consequences. Fortunately, there is now a new way of fighting these diseases. The Lung Institute has recently announced a new wave of stem cell based treatments that will allow patients to live lives they would never have thought possible. These treatments mark a radical departure from the traditional methods of treating chronic lung diseases. Previous treatments required patients to walk around with all sorts’ equipment, but this new way of treating lung disease allows them to live life as they have always wanted to.

The Miracle Of The Stem Cell

Stem cells are the way the body heals itself naturally. Whenever you have an injury or an illness, your body repairs the damage with stem cells. Doctors are currently taking this treatment and applying it to diseases of the lung. For example, if a patient is suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the doctor can inject stem cells into the lungs in order to allow the body to repair itself. The methods are strikingly effective. You can see the results by simply asking those who have used the services of the Lung Institute.

The Stories From Patients

According to PR Web, the best example of the stories of success can be seen in the story of John O. For years John O was forced to live with his pulmonary fibrosis with no hope of changing things in sight. Now, he is able to live his life without any of the consequences he had seen before. He is running and exercising like anyone else.

About The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute in Cedars-Sinai is a research facility specializing in finding ways to treat lung disease. This has led to new ways of treating lung disease with stem cell therapy being one of the most prominent examples. The Lung Institute is helping doctors find new ways of looking at some of the most challenging issues of medicine of our time.


Wild Ark on the Near Extinction of Vaquita Porpoises

Wild Ark, founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, hopes to promote biodiversity around the globe. The couple operate Pridelands in South Africa. It is their aim for people to experience the world’s diversity by traveling to various places around the world to learn about the wildlife located there. They feel that personal encounter will cause people to want to protect it. The team with Wild Ark wants to help protect wildlife around the globe.


The World’s Most Threatened Mammal- Vaquita Porpoises


While many people in the United States think of distant lands when they think of protecting wildlife, one of the most threatened mammal in the wild is the Vaquita porpoise living in the Gulf of California separating the Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. These stubby-nose porpoises with dark rings around their eyes live on a diet of Gulf croakers, bronze-striped grunts and squid. They can be up to five feet long weighing up to 120 pounds.


Efforts to Protect Vaquita Porpoises


Although they were not discovered until 1958, scientists believe there are less than 30 still alive in their natural habitat because of illegal fishing operations where they are snagged in gillnets set for sharks, rays, mackerels and chano. Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales with the Mexican government has authorized an emergency plan starting in May 2017 to try to capture some of these porpoises and protect them in the Upper Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve. The Mexican government has already enacted a ban on gillnet fishing within their natural territory, increased efforts by the Mexican Navy to stop illegal fishing and paid commercial anglers over $72 million in compensation.


Personal Wildlife Encounter


Wild Ark believes personal encounters with wildlife is the best way to ensure that Vaquita porpoises and other animals do not become extinct.

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