Stream Energy’s Power Saving Tips

Occasionally, we get caught off-guard when our energy bill soars beyond our expectations. When this happens, we marvel and wonder what could have instigated the rise and how to bring the consumption back to manageable levels.


While you may not realize it, a phantom drain may cause the increased consumption, which is a hidden consumption by household gadgets (TechNewsSpy). When household devices are plugged in, they continue to consume energy even when they are not in use. While the usage at a time is minimal, it eventually builds up.


A case in point is a coffee maker, which could save up to a dollar annually if unplugged when not in use. A digital video recorder could save up to $36.80 for the same duration. Others that can help minimize energy costs include the game console, printer and the computer screen. An entertainment system can reach $130 in savings per year.


To curb phantom drain, Stream Energy recommends being diligent and shutting down all gadgets that are not in use ( Being watchful on your energy consumption using monitoring tools and power strips can also help save money.


Stream Energy is a Dallas-based retail electricity and natural gas production company founded in 2004. It started its operations in 2005. The firm was licensed as a retail energy provider after the deregulation of the Texas electricity market. It has its headquarters at the Tollway Center in Dallas and is a leading provider of wireless services, energy, protective and home services.


In 2014, it merged with Ignite, the multilevel marketing arm that it uses as the primary channel for sales. It recruits members through this division and boasts of being one of the largest direct selling companies in the energy market. Associates earn commissions by enlisting new sales associates or selling their services to customers. To promote the concept, they hold local meetings dubbed as Business Presentations.


Most of the services offered by Stream Energy are available all over the United States, but its energy supply is only available in select markets including Georgia, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Washington D.C. Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

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Understanding the Various Accomplishments of Jorge Moll

Doing well for the betterment of society is the sole responsibility of every person. Jorge Moll continues to embrace himself as a noble person in the field of health and developments helping the less fortunate gain what others enjoy their day to day activities. He is, in fact, the President of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education Program (Idor) program that lays much emphasis on neuroscience. Jorge helps in recognition of neuroscience in the world becoming the first individual to bring about a relationship like both health matters and volunteering. A study conducted years back brought to light that many Brazilians participate in a certain level of voluntary deeds.


The Entrepreneurship


Moll is innovative, and much of his concern lies in the scope of management in health. His leadership skills continue to gain national recognition in Brazil and the globe at large (YouTube). He engages in various public lectures to create awareness to people on the dynamics that emanate from innovation and health matters. He recognizes the hospital community encouraging on the utilization of acute technology in solving complex health demerits. Moll has helped many organizations in coming up health facilitates as he advocates for construction of sustainable possible future scenarios. Some persons attend his seminars and continue to implement most of his strategies in the various world economies.




Jorge has gained global recognition placing him as a notable individual in matters regarding the well-being of patients suffering from a wide range of diseases for instance diabetes. He highlights the full variety of national environments and their influence on the crucial hospital management skills. Moll creates a kind of link that facilitates the understanding between the urge for many needs and wants in comparison to limited resources. With this knowledge, it is of importance to come up with a fair market one that reduces the cost of bills relating to health issues. He emphasizes on a particular triangle that will help in enhancing adequate access to services, many costs as well as the quality and much care and the urge of saving time when handling operations.

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Rebranded HuffPost receives technology and marketing expertise curtesy of talk fusion CEO

Upon the improvement of its name and addition of a fresh twist to its mission, HuffPost strives to be a mouthpiece for the people who have been excluded from the conversation. This is as told by Lydia Polgreen, Editor in Chief, in her letter. This move put the initiatives of HuffPost in synch with the mission of Bob Reina, talk Fusion figurehead and contributor.


Bob Reina, a firm believer in the power of innovation and continuous brand growth, explained that his goal as a philanthropist and leader: to ensure that people succeed irrespective of their backstories or whereabouts in the world. He made sure to relay this message clearly in his articles.


CEO Bob Reina’s contributions


Reina’s contribution to HuffPost has been going on since august 2016. The things on his diverse contribution platform include: marketing, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, skillful selling video technology trends, and self-development among others.


Upon the re-launch of HuffPost brand, Reina expressed his delight in seeing that the platform had made efforts to hone in crucial things: culture and fulfilment. He also expressed his desire to continue offering insightful content to not only their clients and associates at Talk Fusion but also the approximately 200 million readers of HuffPost.


A brief on Talk Fusion


Being the home to the first full-package video marketing solution in the world, Talk Fusion is devoted to enabling businesses increase sales and profits, retain their customers and achieve market leadership statuses. This has been accomplished by making video marketing more engaging, persuasive and memorable.


Part of Talk Fusion’s marketing campaign involves the use of personal promotional tactics practiced by Independent Associates in not less than 140 countries. A 30 day trial version of this product is readily available to interested persons – at (credit card not required)


Bob Reina, founder and CEO, established Talk Fusion in 2007. He aimed at nurturing a sense of social responsibility in the company; he would accomplish this by development a strong dedication to aiding communities, families, friends, and animal charities worldwide. Check out for more information. You can also “LIKE” Talk Fusion at


Fabletics is leading the way for E-commerce

Consumer purchases are determined by the power of the crowd. The financial boosts the crowd provides, there are far more review choices than ever. Authentic reviews boost business’ lines. More Review Options Than Trust. A recent BrightLocal study found that 84 percent of people prefer to get their information from a source they are familiar with. And, digital lives are led by today’s customers interacting with brands they trust. With customers seeking out brands and testimonials, tapping into the collective mind of the crowd should be a priority for every business wanting to achieve success in a competitive market. Fabletics powered their recent growth numbers by leveraging the power of the crowd and captivating their main audience. They engage their customers’ unique styles and respond to changes and differences in local markets.

Unlike competitors that are dying from the practice of showrooming – where potential buyers now search for their clothes offline for fitting, and search online for buying at lower prices in markets like Amazon – Fabletics has reversed the standard because of the exceptional way they started out.

Stores are stocked based on inputs including membership preferences for store heat-mapping information, media sentiment, transitions in neighborhood trends, membership stories, and sales action. The company strives for a feeling of serendipity for the buyer when she is purchasing. This goal is important and the brand builds its reputation for diversity by blending international fashion trends with the data they collect. All this serves to elevate customer satisfaction at the end of each shopping day and the completion of every quarter. After each evaluation, Fabletics makes subtle changes to keep things fresh and hip with their audience.

The customer of today trusts the testimonials that they read as much as a personal recommendation and looks to testimonials that are crowd-sourced to ascertain their purchase. Manufacturers are capitalizing on this shift in consumer behavior.

Products that had greater amounts of testimonials on several e-tail sites (Amazon, Target, Walmart, et al) consistently rank higher in searches to their site than people with less reviews. Big box retailers have even begun to allow manufacturers to solicit reviews from different websites in an effort to help clients. It’s impossible to build a fashion brand in 2017 without the help of the crowd. Small shops and startups are jumping into shark infested waters with large companies like Amazon. There is a movement of fast scaling companies such as Fabletics, Warby Bonobos and Parker that have come to realize this fact. Like Fabletics, they’re defining themselves with exclusive product, enterprise technology, data science, and scaling according to their audience’s needs. These companies succeed by maintaining a business model focused on ROI and customer-centric data collection; they establish their brand stories through innovative technology and smart usage of social media. Fabletics is a great example. When signing up for a membership, they invite you into a portal to take a small survey and gauge your personal style profile. Every month, customers receive personalized outfits. This technology has had massive benefits and because of it, Fabletics continues to grow into a major competitor within the fashion industry.

Mike Baur: Founder of Switzerland’s Top Startup Accelerator

Why do most startups business fail? According to statistics, about 80% of businesses fail with two years of their inception. This means that many startup business owners do not know how to run new business and make them grow. They spend most of their time working IN the business instead of working ON the business. Mike Baur is an example of an entrepreneur who knows what is required for start-ups to enjoy continued growth.



Mike Baur is Swiss entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. He also serves as a managing director of the Startup Factory. Before starting the Swiss Startup Factory he served in the banking sector for over 20 years. Some of the banks he worked for are the UBS and the Clariden Leu. He then opted out of the sector and engaged himself in creating startup companies. It is during this initiative process that together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister that he started Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. Mike Baur was a participant in the Start Summiteer, which is a contest for start-ups conducted at the University of Gallen. In 2016 when Swiss Startup partnered with another company, CTI, he was appointed as the deputy managing director. Early 2016, when Swiss startup partnered with Goldback group and the Fintech Fusion, Mike Baur was the head of its accelerator program. Later towards the end of 2016 Baur was featured in the Wall Street Journal for his contribution to the Swiss banking sector, entrepreneurial skills and for the startup investments he had created.



Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur offers his expertise on business issues by training other startup owners on how to go about it. Baur attributes his success to his passion for entrepreneurship which led him to start the Swiss entrepreneurship Factory.



Mike Baur has also served as the CEO ScanSource. Inc. he steered the company into great success making sales never achieved before of more than $3billion. Under his tenure, the company was able to expand and open offices across major cities in North and South America. He left the company in 2007 serving as the president. However, he served as a board member even after.



Mike Baur who was born in Schaffhausen, grew up in Freiburg and now lives in Zurich Switzerland. He holds an MBA from the University of Rochester and another MBA from the University of Berne. Baur says that he was born a natural entrepreneur and holds its close to his heart.



Love And Relationship-Whitney Wolfe

Love and relationship issues are the most complicated life that no one can explain. Books have been written about love, relationship counselors have tried to explain about it but no one can give a clear explanation of love apart from the one feeling it and the one affected by it either positively or negatively. For the longest period of time people have been meeting physically to express their feelings to each other to build a relationship, but with the advancement of technology one does not have to move from one place to another to do so, instead just a one click on their smart phones, tablets, and even desktop can lead to a relationship.

Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur who has changed the dating world with her dating app; Bumble. Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah to her parents. Ms. Whitney’s father was a property developer while her mother was a house wife. Growing up; Whitney knew she was to engage in business and she began her first business while still in college. She made bamboo tote bags which were of a great benefit to areas that were greatly affected by BP oil spill. After her graduation from Southern Methodist University, Wolfe got a unique opportunity to travel to Southeast Asia where she worked with an orphanage.

Whitney Wolfe developed her first dating app; Tinder. She was a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the organization before quitting and establishing Bumble. Whitney partnered with Andrey Andreev to found Bumble which is considered to be among the top dating apps in the United States of America. Bumble can well be described as a feminine dating app which is very unique from other dating apps. Bumble gives the women the first priority in dating and they go beyond the dating tradition by making the first move. Ms. Whitney Wolfe has even gone beyond the dating and establishes Bumble BFF. Bumble BFF gives women and other users of the app an opportunity to only meet their best friends but to also connect with others in their career line. Bumble has its Headquarters in Austin, Texas. Whitney Wolfe was named as 30 most important women under 30 in Tech back in 2014 by the Business Insider.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere’s Beauty Routine

Doe Deere’s cosmetics line, Lime Crime, has inspired quite a cult following. Needless to say, many of those fans are wondering about Deere’s own beauty rituals. What follows is the full beauty routine (including soundtrack) from Doe Deere’s own perfectly made up mouth.


Deere wakes up every morning at approximately 8:30 a.m. She doesn’t use an alarm, but she does make sure she always gets at least nine hours of sleep. Deere says getting enough sleep is key to maintaining clear skin. Plus she’s a morning person, so she enjoys waking up well-rested and then pondering the day’s agenda over breakfast.


Deere always starts the day with water, which is the only way to stay hydrated in her hot hometown of Los Angeles. Then she stretches and has a healthy breakfast, sometimes including juice freshly squeezed from oranges growing in her own yard. She checks her phone calendar but tries not to let digital correspondence cloud her head first thing in the morning.


Now for the important part. Deere puts on some music – currently lots of The Beatles – and starts her beauty routine with a Glossier face wash. She moisturizes with Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence, and then she’s ready to put on her make-up. In the morning, she uses True Match Foundation by L’Oréal, but if she’s going out she uses Studio Fix by MAC.


A light dusting of powder sets the foundation, then she fills in her brows, lips and cheeks. She enjoys putting on her blush and lipstick and seeing her face fill with color. Doe Deere prefers to use a pink or red blush and a bolder pink or red lipstick. Her favorites from her own Lime Crime Matte Velvetine line are Pink Velvet, Red Velvet and Rustic.


Deere says her make-up might take as little as 15 minutes or as much as an hour to do, but she doesn’t rush it because she likes the time to herself. She never showers in the morning, preferring instead to let her hair dry naturally in the evening so it’s ready to style the next day. She’s currently using a curling wand to style her purple hair in healthy, luminous waves.


She tries to spend some time playing with her cats before heading to the office at noon. Once there, she will eat lunch with her team and then start the day’s meetings. While Doe is usually out of the office by 6 p.m., it’s not unusual for the busy make-up maven to talk beauty business late into the night.


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Imran Haque | A Man Who Has Dedicated His Life to Helping the Internally Ill

If you ask any one in North Carolina where to get assistance when suffering from internal complications and illnesses, you will be directed to Dr. Imran Haque. The doctor has over 15 year’s rich of experience. Over these years, he has dedicated his life to helping patients suffering from complications that require his expertise. His selflessness and willingness to help his patients has led to Dr. Imran becoming a highly appreciated medical practitioner.


Operation Center


To help his patients reach out to him easily, Dr. Imran Haque has a medical facility, Horizon Internal Medicine. The facility is located in Asheboro, North Carolina and from here, the doctor can attend to all patients who come to him suffering from internal illnesses. Also, if you want to reach out to him, you can do so through the office.


Horizon Internal Medicine prides in offering the best medical services such conducting consultancy and providing treatment after diagnoses. The quality of service has made the facility become the most preferred medical clinic throughout the region.


Over the years, Dr. Imran Haque has proved his professionalism in the field leading to many patients trusting his services. Imran ensures he performs checkups and examinations before treatment. This guarantees the right diagnoses is made before a patient is put on medication.


Dr. Imran Haque collaborates with a team of professional practitioners in other medical groups for Medicare information and advice. Other than diagnosing and treatment, Dr. Imran also refers patients to other specialists where necessary. Treatment of most complications can, however, be received right in his office.


Services Offered at Horizon Internal Medicine


Dr. Imran’s medical facility provides several health care services which include but not limited to:

  • 360 resurfacing which involves tightening the skin or improving skin tone
  • Weight management which is done using both cosmetic procedures and weight loss medication
  • Laser hair removal services


Imran Haque Education Background

Dr. Imran Haque graduated with honors from Universidad Iberoamericana. After graduating, he joined University of Virginia Internal Medicine where he specialized in internal medicine. After his training, he obtained a license that allows him to operate in North Carolina.

I was hacked, how could this happen?

It was a typical Saturday afternoon, I was sitting at my computer surfing the internet as I like to do when I have some down time and it happened. First I noticed a new program on my computer that I did not put there, and then a site that I regularly visit denied me access. That’s when I realized I was hacked. It happens more than people realize and is becoming an ever increasing problem. Recent attacks on companies, governments and individuals have cost millions in lost revenue.

We know that cybersecurity is important, so why do we wait until it’s too late to take action?

Who am I? Why would anyone want to hack me? Those are questions we often ask ourselves; at least that’s what I did when I was hacked. After I was hacked I decided to take action. I wanted to ensure that this would never happen again, or at least make it a lot harder for someone to gain access to my computer.


I turned to the cyber security experts at Rubica. Rubica gives me the peace of mind to know that my family and I are safeguarded against potential threats. Utilizing their cyber experts and providing powerful digital security I now feel confident that my online safety and privacy are being taken care of.


I was hacked, but I will never be caught off guard again thanks to Rubica.


Sweetgreen: A New Kind of Fast-Food

Everyone is raving about Sweetgreen, a healthy alternative to the typical fast food joint. The farm-to-table establishment opened its first location in Washington, D.C in 2007, and now has 64 stores up and running across the United States. The restaurant chain has garnered its popularity by providing healthy, filling eats at prices the average joe can easily afford. It is not uncommon to see a line outside the door for these amazing salads, and there’s a reason why. Learn more:

Sweetgreen is much more than your dime a dozen fast-food chains, due to its different way of doing things. Nathaniel Ru, co-founder of Sweetgreen, states that one of his strategies for running a successful restaurant chain centers around location. You won’t find this salad spot sandwiched between a McDonalds and a Taco Bell, but rather in hip and urban neighborhoods. Sweetgreen is aiming for a whole different feeling than other fast food chains; it wants to create an environment that feels personal, honest, and real. Sweetgreen’s app also hopes to mimic this atmosphere by accompanying all their food options with high definition pictures of the real product. Learn more:

Another key point in the business plan of Sweetgreen that Ru address is the importance of a good source. When it comes to opening a new store, finding farmers is always Sweetgreen’s first step. Sweetgreen will work with the farmers in the area surrounding their new location to create a menu based on what the farmer is already growing, instead of asking the farmer to work around them. The result is a wider variety of foods and tastes. Learn more:

Another element factoring into Sweetgreen’s success is its co-founder, Nathaniel Ru. Ru began forming the foundation of Sweetgreen shortly after graduating from Georgetown University’s business school with his two friends and co-founders, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. Ru wanted to start up a restaurant that was not only healthy, but also easy and convenient, something he saw a need for in the industry. Ru and his partners worked hard to make this idea a reality, and have never wavered in their ideals. Ru has always put serving the community first when it comes to leading Sweetgreen, and this ambition is clear in the way the restaurant operates. Ru treats the people he works with as a network of friends and family, and this energy is embraced by its patrons.

Sweetgreen has big things in its future.